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June's Garden Chores

June is a great month for gardens and gardeners.  There is an abundance of flowers and even vegetables to bring indoors.  The lawn is still green as we start the month and the plants are growing rapidly in the strong summer sunshine.

Drought c

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an be a problem this month so water early in the morning if things look dry.  Do not water in the sunshine because you can burn the leaves of tender vegetation.  You will see brown spots where the sunshine acts like a magnifying glass and causes the sun to burn the leaves.

Other things to be doing in the garden this month.


  1. Mow the lawn to about 2-3”, lower heights will burn the grass easier.
  2. If you had grub problems the past few years, use milky spore or nematodes to control them.  Only use synthetic chemicals as a last resort.
  3. If you have plants that need to be put into the ground be sure to water them well while they are still in their containers.  Plants dry out very fast in hot dry weather.
  4. Harvest your last bits of asparagus this month.  Let the plants grow and turn into ferns to get ready for next year.
  5. Pinch back chrysanthemums until mid-July to encourage bushy growth.
  6. Look for stripped cucumber beetles and pull them off immediately.
  7. Harvest and cut flowers and vegetables early in the morning when they look best.
  8. Use a natural fungicide on Bee balm, phlox and hollyhocks to prevent powdery mildew
  9. Cover ripening berries with bird netting.
  10. Prune Leuchothoes and pieris after they have bloomed.  Don’t let them go to seed if possible.
  11. Prune Rhododendron, azalea, lilacs and laurels after they bloom.
  12. Feed roses and watch for diseases.  Clear any debris from the base of the plant.
  13. Move fuchsia outside and keep it evenly moist.
  14. Weed, Weed and weed some more.
  15. Have fun.
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