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An October Flowering Gem In White
During the month of October, perennial gardens can be empty of flowers. Much of the country is undergoing a transition into winter, and color starts to shift to trees and shrubs.
One trick I like to use to make my perennial gardens pop in the fall sunlight is
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to use white -- and one of the best white late-season perennials is Eupatorium rugosum ‘Chocolate’. This plant will grow three or four feet tall and is native to the edges of woodland areas in many parts of the country. This plant adds deep, rich accents to any border, and in early to mid fall, corymbs of tiny white flowers at the stem tips seem to sparkle against the dark, purple-toned foliage.
This plant tends to spread quite a bit, so you'll need to give it a three- or four-foot-wide area in which to grow. If you push it into a shadier location, it can still flower, but it will tend to flop over.
This wonderful plant is hardy to zone 4, so most of you can enjoy this in your own gardens.
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