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Bee Balm & Loosestrife Perennial Design

Bee Balm and Gooseneck Loosestrife make a nice statement when put in the garden together.  The red and white combination is striking for the middle or back of the perennial garden.

Why I think this works together is that the leaves are similar so it almost looks like one type

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of plant with two unusual flowers.  The loosestrife can take over and spread with runners.  In other words it spreads under the ground and pops up in places you might not want it to.  You can also put down a barrier under the ground like 10" of edging material and this will stop the plant from running quite so easily.

The red and white flowers of these two plants looks great together.  If you don't like the red of the bee balm I chose, use another color like purple or pink or even violet.

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