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Bringing Color To Your Home

Ever get a tip from someone that seemed really simple but made a huge difference?  A few years ago I got such a tip.  A friend of mine showed me that nearly all of the 80 or so plants in my house had the same containers.  She suggested mixing up the containers, changing them out an

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d bringing more color into the house.

When changing your pots you can take a couple of different approaches.  You can repot the plant outright.  This is great if your plants have outgrown their current home.  However, repotting a plant that does not need to be moved can damage the plant.   Another technique is to place the existing plant and pot in a larger container.   The method is the fastest; you can also exchange the pot at the store if you do not like the colors.

Remember to be sure that the new pot has a drainage hole or take the plant out of the pot for watering.  You do not want your plants sitting in water.

Here are few other tips:

·        Have the pot compliment the colors of the room.

·        Have the pot blend with the color and texture of the plant.

·        Use several pots of similar color and texture to create a mini garden.




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