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Building a Stone Planter

Building a stone planter is a fun way to create something in your yard that you can use for years to come.  There are some important steps to follow for success. 

1. Decide on your location for your planter.

2. Dig a 12-in.-wide x

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8-in.-deep trench along the inside of the outline for your planter. Line the trench with large, thick fieldstones. Fit the stones together tighly but don''t overlap.

3. Pound the bottom layer into the ground as solid as possible to create a firm footing.

4. Build 3 courses of stone.

5. Put stakes on the corners of planter.  Hang a level string at the top of the wall.

6. Mix morter in a whellbarrow.

7. Build the wall by using morter on the interior of the wall so it gives it a dry look.

8. Continue this process using a hammer to make the stones small if they need to fit together.

9. Save the flattest stones for the top of the project.

In this video there was wood and screening material used as a liner upon which the stones were attached.  This is an easy way to face the planter if you don''t want it to be a stone wall.

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