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Caring For Ornamental Grasses In Winter
I love ornamental grasses. They are true workhorses in the garden. In the summer they move majestically in the wind. In fall they flower wonderful delicate plumes of color ranging from white to brown and even purple. 
Winter in much of the country is stark and bleak. However, the ornamental grasses can still be used in landscape to add color, movement and texture. The problem many of us have is with snow. Heavy wet snow weights down the grass and it looks messy all winter.
A trick I do is to belt the grasses in late fall with rope, string or other material. If you tie the belt around the grass about ¼ to ½ way up the plant it gives the grass some sturdiness against the snow and the plants are less likely to fall over. Watch me as I make a belt for my own ornamental grasses.
In the early spring before the grasses break ground for the year cut them back right to the base. Having tied them up the previous fall will also make this yearly chore a lot easier.
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