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Caring For The Yard In Early Spring
It’s been a cold spring so far and this is going to continue through mid-April.  I see the jet stream c
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ontinuing to bring cold air in from Canada.  Therefore, we have to hold off on some things we would otherwise be doing.
The winter month caterpillars, a problem in the Massachusettes area, will be slow to hatch with this cold weather.  Do not spray unless you are sure they have hatched. 
I have still not planted my peas or some of my other cold weather crops.  With the daytime highs in the 40s it will be hard for much to germinate.  If you have a cold frame or other covers for the seeds you can plant as they help mitigate the cold.
Continue to clean up the lawn and perennial beds.  Cut back your perennials.  
Get your pre-emergent down on the lawn and put some lime down as well.   See our lawn video
How about soil testing?  Here is a video to help you.
You can prune summer blooming shrubs now. I cut back my rose-of-sharon hard this time of year. It will produce great blooms in August.
Finally, I find the deer to be eating my plants this time of the year.  What do you do?  Watch this.




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