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Caring for Your Pond in the Summertime

Summer is the time to enjoy all the hard work of the spring. So sit back and listen to the sounds of the water, watch the wildlife that comes to visit, and have people over to share these experiences with you.

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You won't need a lot of time to complete the few summertime chores that will help keep your pond happy and healthy.
Keep your pond "topped off". It's amazing how fast the water will evaporate out of your pond. It only takes a few weeks of dry weather to drop the water level to dangerously low levels. Remember to treat the water to remove the chlorine when you add water.

Add more plants. Plants make the pond look natural. About a third of my pond is covered with floating and marginal plants.

Trim those plants. Some plants will grow too much. Remove excess growth, spent flowers, and yellow leaves. This will help keep your mini ecosystem healthy.

Watch how much you feed fish. Too much food can lead to algae blooms. I actually never feed my fish. They eat the plants and the bugs. If you want to feed them, feed no more than the fish will consume in two minutes.

Don’t clean the filter pads. Leave the biological filter pads alone. Cleaning removes the good bacteria.

Fertilize lotus and lily plants. Flowering plants can use a bit of food this time of the year. I use tablets and push them into the plant material. The marginal plants usually don't need extra food.

Add bacteria. By adding good bacteria, we encourage a healthy pond and discourage algae growth. Read the label carefully and follow the instructions.

Watch where you spray. Be careful about using insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers near your pond. They can do permanent damage if they get into the water.
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