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Choosing The Right Soil

Over the past decade bagged soil has come a long way.  Today you buy soil for any need. Watch this video to learn all about which bag of soil meets your need.
Most mixes of soil are various mixtures of peat, compost, and topsoil.  Some of these mixes have other media to make them

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lighter for containers. When choosing the mix you need be sure you know what you are using it for.  Container mix is not good for planting trees and shrubs.  You shouldn't use pure compost in a container nor should you use all peat to plant your veggies. 
A good rule of thumb is to look for well balanced mixes of peat, compost and topsoil.  If you can't find container mix its ok to use another mix the container will just be heavier.  Remember some of these mixes have material to hold more water so you might not have to water them as much.  Also, if your mix has fertilizer don't then use more fertilizer as this will over feed your plants and cause damage.
If you want to make up your own mix use 1/3 each of peat, compost and topsoil.  You can vary the mix depending on exactly what you are growing.

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