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Closing Down Your Pond For The Season

In late fall and early winter it is time to close down a garden pond for winter.  Shutting down the pond is actually quite easy.  Clean out the filters and pumps, shut off the electricity and store all the material for the winter.

If you have fish in your pond it is i

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mportant to keep a hole in the ice.   This allows the gasses to escape that can literally poison the fish.  A hole in the ice can be maintained with a small bubbler or a heater.  I use a bubbler which works unless the weather is very cold (below 10) for over 2 weeks.  In this case a supplemental heater can be used.

Heaters use a lot of electricity which is why I do not use them exclusively.    If you do not have fish you can let the ice cover the pond and not worry about it at all.

In the spring watch the video on opening a pond and you will be good to go.


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