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Creating That "Purple Pop" In The Garden
This time of year, we're surrounded by green -- green grass, green leaves, green weeds. As we get deeper into summer, it becomes harder to have lots of color in the garden. Annuals certainly help create color, as does planting perennials that flower in succ
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ession. And plants that have colorful or interesting leaves can also help make your garden pop. 
If you like the color purple, consider using one of the many varieties of Japanese maple for their beautiful purple leaves. Some varieties stay low and spread; others grow to 20 feet. You could also try a purple smoke tree, with its cotton-like flowers. Or how about an ornamental cherry? The sand cherry variety stays under 8 feet high and is perfect for small spaces.
Finally, for the perennial lover, there's Heuchera. These wonderful plants will dazzle you with their colorful leaves all summer long. As a bonus, they have an interesting plume of flowers in June or July.
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