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Creating The Smallest Of Water Features
If you watch my videos on a regular basis, you know I love water features. If you have a large yard, creating a water feature is more an
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issue of time and money than space. If you have a small yard, patio, or deck as your outdoor space, however, you might not want to devote that precious space to a water feature. 
There are ways of having the sound of water -- and even plants and fish -- in a very tiny space. The key to creating a small water garden or water feature is finding a waterproof container. Once you have that, it's just a matter of finding a fountain or pump that works with the container.
I've used small bamboo fountains like the one in the video, but I've also used just a simple fish tank filter to move the water and give that wonderful sound.
Keep the water clean and the pump working, and you'll be able to enjoy the sound all year. I even bring the one you see in this video into my kitchen for the winter to enjoy it there.


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