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Designing For Fall Color

Designing for fall and winter is an important part of how to create a year round landscape.  See our video on three plants that peak in fall and learn more about designing for the seasons.
In this video we look at the brilliant red of a Japanese Maple the berries of a cotoneaster and

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the deep blue of the dwarf blue spruce.  These three plants when placed in close proximity to one another will peak your interest in fall.  During the rest of the year the plants will certainly look good, however its fall when this color combination will be most striking.  You can create areas of your garden that have their interest concentrated for different seasons.  Spring might feature and area of bulbs and early bloomers, summer is easy with an abundance of flowering perennials, for fall think about the colors of the leaves, the berries and any late blooming perennials like the aster.  In winter have areas with evergreen needles, interesting bark and colored bare twigs like dogwood and blueberry. 
By thinking about all for seasons when designing you can provide an interesting scene 12 months of the year.

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