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Discovering A New Type Of Rose

If you're like me, when it comes to roses, it's a love-hate relationship. A few years ago, however, I discovered KnockOut Brand roses, and the frustration ended.

So my tips this week are as follows:

1. Find a place for at least one KnockOut Rose plant. They're so much ea

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sier than traditional roses and bloom on and off all summer.

2. Weed. Need I say more?

3. Monitor water needs. Buy a water meter. It will serve you well. You need to see how the moisture is where the roots are, not on the top of the soil.

4. If you have to water, do so early and long. Let the water go deep.

5. Give annuals a shot of liquid fertilizer if you have not yet done so this summer.

6. Remove plants that have not recovered from winter.

7. Cut some flowers and bring them inside.

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