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Early July Tips: Protecting Against Mildew

This week, I encourage you to check your plants for mildew. You can recognize the problem by the white, soft, fuzzy appearance of the mildew on the leaves.

The mildew won't harm most plants, but over the years it can cause plants such as roses to weaken. I treat my plants with S

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erenade fungicide, an organic product.

Other tips this week include:

1. Check the soil moisture of your gardens. Water early in the morning if you need to. Water until the soil becomes moist at least 6" below the surface. This will take time.

2. Weed. (Yes, you still have to weed.)

3. Buy some fresh peas from a local farm. They're at their peak right now.

4. Cut off the spent flower buds of your roses. This will encourage new growth.

5. Be sure to water your containers. They can dry out very quickly this time of year.

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