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Early June Tip: How To Grow Morning Glories

This week’s tip is to plant a morning glory where it can climb. For the past several years I have planted 'heavenly blue' morning glories at the base of a telephone pole by my house. By August they've climbed more than 20 feet. ... Read More


To get the plant to grow this high, I feed it both liquid and time-release pellet fertilizer. I also plant them in a combination of organic manure and native soil. If you do not have space like that you can plant them in containers as well. I have a friend who lets them run along a railing on her patio.

Morning Glories do best in at least 1/2 day of sunshine. Keep them evenly watered during the hot weather. They will droop if they get dry. I use neem oil on the leaves until they get established. This helps protect the young plants from being eaten by bugs.

Heavenly Blue has wonderful sky-blue flowers that burst open at sunrise and stay open till about 1pm. I notice in the cooler fall weather they can stay open all day.

Once you get a light frost, the plants will die, but what a great summer show!


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