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Enjoying Your Garden
As we approach the middle of July, the most important thing to do is remember to enjoy your garden. Too often we invest a lot of time and energy in the upkeep of our gardens and then forget or don’t take the time to simply enjoy our labors.
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So invite a few friends over, grab your favorite drink, sit back in a chair, and relax! You deserve it.
Some other tips for the week:
  1. Continue to weed for one hour this week. Divide your weeding time into four fifteen-minute weeding sessions. You'll be shocked at how much you get done.
  2. If you have vegetables, check to see what needs picking. I didn't do this last week, and some of my peas became overripe.
  3. If you have flowers in containers, feed them some liquid fertilizer to help them through the next two months. I like to use something specifically made for flowering annuals.
  4. Cut spent flowers, including roses, as they die. Some plants will rebloom. Even if your flowers are not the reblooming type, cutting the spent flowers can’t hurt.
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