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Fall Transplanting

Fall is one of the best times to transplant most anything.  The great thing about moving plants in the fall is that they have a much higher success rate.

In this video we transplant roses, a small rhododendron and some peonies.  The peonies should really be moved in late

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summer to allow them some time to root in the fall.  However, this particular homeowner needed things moved so we had to move them.

Whenever you transplant the rules are the same.  Get as much root as you can.  Dig around the plant along the drip line.  This is the circumference around the outer most branches of the tree, shrub or perennial.    Move the plant to its new location planting it the same depth as it was in the original location.  I mix a bit of the original location soil into the new location if the plant is being moved over 30 feet away or to an area of totally different soil. 

You can put a bit of phosphate in the hole to promote root growth, however, I do not recommend adding fertilizers as this can burn the roots.

Be sure to keep the soil moist until the ground freezes or the plant is established and you should have a high rate of survival.

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