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Focal Points In The Garden

Placing a plant, especially something like a large leafed annual is a critical step in the creation and maintenance of a garden.  The poorly placed focal point can have the exact opposite from the desired affect.

I love large, big, tropical-like plants.  I think they make

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a wonderful addition to the garden.  Even in tropical locations the larger the leaves of a particular specimen the more dramatic the affect. 

A great choice for one of these large leafed plants is an ornamental artichoke.  The dusty blue-green leaves with their jagged teeth call stand at attention no matter where in the garden you place them.  However, if you do not give the plant room enough to grow it can appear crowded and constrained and the space will feel cramped and claustrophobic.

I find that the these large leafed giants, when allowed to flourish, can bring interest,whimsy,and dramatic variation to the overall look and feel of a yard, patio or container. 

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