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Getting Through the Summer

This is the time of the year when lawns can look a bit tired. Here in the northeastern part of the country, lawns go dormant in the summer. If you don’t provide your lawn with enough water, it will turn brown.

In the fall, when cooler, wetter weather comes back, the lawn will green u

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p again.

Other tips about lawns:

  1. Pull out crabgrass by hand. The grass is easy to see. It’s lime green and stands out.
  2. Be tolerant of a few weeds in your lawn. If you accept a few, you won’t have to use chemicals; you can be more organic.
  3. If you have to treat your lawn for weeds, be sure the lawn is not dry, brown, or under any other stress. Herbicides will harm an unhealthy lawn, even if the packaging says it’s safe.
  4. Be sure your mower blades are set to two-and-a-half to three inches off the ground. Longer grass will keep in more moisture.
  5. If you water, do so before 9:00 a.m.
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