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Pink Chintz Thyme as Lawn Alternative
Thymus 'Pink Chintz, is one of the earliest blooming Thyme plants available.  It can also handle a moderate amount of foot traffic.   In general thyme plants are drought tolerant but will truly thrive with regular moisture.  Pink Chintz is one of the earlier blooming thymes and c
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an be trimmed back for a neater appearance.   The salmon pink flowers make a great lawn alternative.  The plant is hardy in zones 4-9.  This means all but the very hottest and coldest parts of the planet are good for growing this great groundcover. 

When you plant, leave spacing of 12" between the plants, this will fill in during the first year of growth.  Also, take care to not let weeds grow in the spaces between the thyme. Eventually, the thyme will create a thick mat and weed issues will be minimul.

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