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Hamamelis For Early Color

Hamamelis is a great plant and a must have for any gardener. The spring variety blooms in January,February or March and grows to a small tree over time.
There are several varieties of these plants.  Some come in yellow, orange and even red.  There is a fall variety that blooms in

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October or November and can be found in the forest often near moist areas.  The spring form requires some sun to have its showiest blooms.  Some varieties hold their leaves into spring and this makes seeing the color quite hard.
    * Upright – H. virginiana – 20 to 30' tall, 20 to 25' wide, may be smaller in residential situations and can be shaped as a tree or shrub;

H. x hybrida cultivars such as 'Allgold' and 'Moonlight';
    * Vase shaped – H. x hybrida 'Arnold Promise';
    * Oval or Rounded (usually multistemmed) – H. vernalis – 6 to 20' tall, larger in width; H. mollis – 10 to 15' tall and wide, may become taller;
    * Spreading – H. x hybrida cultivars such as 'Carmine Red' and 'Hiltinbury';
    * Horizontal spreading (with an almost flat top) – H. japonica – 10 to 15' tall, may be shaped as a tree or shrub;
    * Weeping – H. vernalis 'Lombart's Weeping,' also has blue-green foliage and red flowers.

    * Primrose yellows - H. x hybrida 'Arnold Promise';
    * Brilliant coppers - H. x hybrida 'Jelena';
    * Into dazzling reds - H. x hybrida 'Diana'.

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