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Having Patience When Planting
Rush, rush, rush. Hurry up. Is it done yet? We live in a time when we expect instant gratification. So too have many homeowners turned to the instant lawn, the mature tree, and the overnight extreme garden makeover.  ... Read More
While there are times when we want to have instant results, we should not overlook the benefit of planting small and watching things grow. There's something comforting and satisfying in seeing your landscape change each year. 
This is where patience pays off. When planning a new garden or augmenting an older area, remember that your plants will not reach maturity for three, four, or five years, if they're perennials. If they're trees, it can be decades. 
Relish this time; watch your plants grow. Fill areas that might be open with annuals or small garden ornaments that can be moved. One great example of a plant that will reward your patience is a helianthus. When you first put in a helianthus, it might be a few feet tall and not very wide. Give it three or four years, however, and you'll fill a space six to seven feet tall and at least as wide. Now isn't that worth the wait?
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