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How To Fix A Leaky Backyard Pond
Having a water garden is a great addition to any landscape.   Water gardens are relatively easy and maintenance free. However, overtime they may develop a leak. There is nothing quite so frustrating as to see the level of your pond sinking much fa
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ster than normal evaporation. 
Finding the leak is your first order of business. If you have a stream and a pond together shut off the stream. If the water level in the pond stays the same with the steam off you have eliminated the actual pond from leaking.
If the water level is still declining in the pond it is time to fix that. First check the edges, remove the rock and be sure a flap has not folded over and the water is coming out. If you can’t find the leak then you will have to drain the pond. Be sure to keep the fish and plants in tubs of water out of the sunshine. If they overheat they will die.
You will have to look hard to find the leak. If you can not find the leak it might be easy to just put a new liner right over the old one. You can do the same thing with a stream or a header pond as well.
There are patch kits that are great if you can find the leak. Perhaps a bird or other animal tore the lining and this is quite easy to find. A patch kit will save a lot of time and money. Be sure the lining is dry before applying. 
Some additional tips:
Use an underlayment for added protection against a puncture. 
Do not fold over the lining as this can promote leaking
Always use plant and fish safe material.
Call a pond professional if the work is too much for you to do.
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