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Using An Air Spade For Trees
The air spade is a state-of-the art excavation tool that is revolutionizing the arboricultural industry. The air spade uses great volumes of compressed air to remove and break up soil—even hard clay—without damaging roots, cables or buried utility lines. The focused air stream cuts
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through soil quickly and with great accuracy in considerably less time than conventional digging, allowing for more efficient service.
Help For Root and Soil Problems
Problems with roots and soil often lead to plant failure. You can move large trees using the air spade method almost anytime of the year.
Why Air Spade?
  • Helps you to stop guessing what is going on under the soil. Now you can see the roots.
  • An arborist can diagnose problems without harming the trees roots.
  • Aeration reduces soil compaction in one easy step. Trees are healthier.
  • Trench with minimum disturbance of roots during utility or construction projects
  • Air spading can accurately show the cause of declining plant health in an otherwise healthy row of trees or shrubs
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