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How To Make Hydrangeas Blue

Do you grow hydrangea?  Did the tag tell you they were suppose to be blue yet they are pale white or even light pink?  Unless the tag was wrong, the problem is the soil and the nutrients in the soil.  One of the most important nutrients that helps change the color of the hydrangea

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is aluminum.  If you add aluminum to the soil the hydrangea tend to turn blue.   Your next question might be where do you get aluminum? Some people add a nail or penny to the soil.  However, I like to add aluminum sulfate according to directions, throughout the growing season.  The product takes time to work and will not change blooming flowers so you have to start applying early in the spring.  The advantage of the aluminum sulfate is that it lowers the PH of the soil.  For the hydrangea to be able to use the aluminum, the soil has to be acidic with a PH of 5.0-5.5.  You could apply a ton of aluminum but if the soil had a PH that was high and soil was alkaline the hydrangea could not get the aluminum into its system.

I always recommend getting your soil tested.  In New England the soil is most likely acidic, but in other parts of the country like the Midwest or mountain areas of the Rockies you might have very alkaline soil.

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