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How To Use Accents In The Yard
Accent pieces in the yard are incredibly important, because they add a focal point and bring your eye to them. An accent piece can be a group of plants, a single tree or shrub, a sculpture, an urn, or even just an old piece of garden equipment. Some accent
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pieces can be left outside all year, while others you may choose to bring in for the winter.
In my yard I have several frogs scattered throughout the gardens to create interest. I also have a few large rocks, as well as some old milk jugs. 
Another way to create focal points is to group the same variety of plant together. I use pulmonaria as a border around several of my beds. This tends to help frame the garden. Since my style is more of a collector of plants, the ‘look’ can be messy. However, a solid border of one plant around the beds makes the composition of the bed itself look cleaner.
Other great plants I love to use for borders are liriope, very small boxwoods, and even heuchera.
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