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How To Use Tools Correctly

When using tools like shovels and rakes there is always the risk of injury.   It is important to not use your back rather use your legs.  Work slowly and take rests after a few minutes.  Always do stretches as well before and after working in the garden.

Raking:  Always shift your weight forward and back with raking.  Use your legs to move the rake not your arms. Shoveling/Digging:  Squat down with the sovel.  Dont bend forward at the waist and use your back to lift the load.  Keep the shovel close to your body if you have to move the load anywhere.
Troweling:  Use your arm/shoulder to use the trowel.  Do not break your wrist with the activity. Weeding:  Use the stronger key grip to pull weeds. Hammer Strengthening:  Perform both exercises 2 sets of 20 repetitions.  Do not perform the strengthening exercises on days that you are working in the garden.  Do the exercises on off days.  Perform the exercises every other day, not every day.


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