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How to Build the Perfect Container Garden
Container gardening is a great way to grow plants in a small space.  By following a few key steps you can have a perfect container garden all season long.

When starting a container garden follow these easy steps.
1. Use a container that is size appropriate for your plants.
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2. Be sure to have drain holes in the bottom of the container.
3. Place a thin layer of stones or other medium at the bottom for good drainage.
4. Use a high quality container soil.
5. Add organic slow release nutrients to the container.  Manure and compost work great.  
6. Use the right plants for the right location.  Full sun plants for sun and shade plants for shade.
7. If watering is difficult try drought tolerant plants like cactus and other succulents.
8. Many containers will crack in the winter if left outside, I place mine in the garage all winter.

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