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How to Care for Koi and Water Gardens
Koi are a great addition to any water garden.  Koi can live for many years and will winter over in an outdoor pond if the water is generally greater than 3 feet.  If you live an area where the water doesn't freeze than you don't have to have your pond as deep. 
It is important
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to remove the solid waste from your pond.  The best way to do this is by a drain with a filter at the bottom of the pond and then recirculate the filtered water back into the pond.  You can also have a filter at the bottom of the pond.   Many pond owners only have a skimmer and this is the least preferable method for keeping a pond clean.

Never feed koi when the water temperature is under 45F.  When feeding your fish, let them consume the food then feed a bit more.  Don't give them more food than they will eat in 5 minutes.  Non-eaten food ends up hurting water quality.

If you are a serious about raising koi I recommend finding more resources on the internet to help guide you through the process.
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