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How to Move Large Trees Using an Air Tool
Large trees and shrubs that need to be moved can be a big problem for homeowners.  Once a large plant has become established, the risk when moving it increases.  Using an air tool to move large trees and shrubs almost eliminates any risk.

Before air tools came into widesprea
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d use, horticulturalists and arborists would cute away the outer roots of a plant in order to get it out of the ground.  Dig spades are still widely used to move large caliper trees.  However, this is no longer necessary.  By blowing the soil away from a around a tree, the plant can be transported to it's new home with the entire root structure still in tact.  As long as the roots are keep moist, usually by a light mist, the plant will not only survive, but thrive in it's new location.

If you have a large tree or shrub that needs to be moved, I recommend calling a certified arborist and asking if they use air tools to move plants.
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