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How to fix compacted soil
Compacted soil is one of those problems many people have and few do anything about.  Compacted soil robs plants of nutrients and creates an inhospitable environment for living organisms.  By aerating soil an adding nutrients you can greatly improve the health of your plants.

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In this video an air tool is used to break up the soil. Then, using the same tool, organic compost is folded into the earth to enrich the health of the soil. Air tool are the ideal way to fix highly compacted soil.  You can accomplish the same thing using hand tools, however it will be a much more labor intensive and time consuming process.

Adding mycorrihizae to the soil along with the compost is highly recommended. Mycorrihizae are used by the majority of plant species to aid in nutrient uptake.  You can purchase products with mycorrihizae in them.  I do not recommend using synthetic fertilizers as they can damage the natural balance of you soil food web over time.
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