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Phlox divaricata, woodland phlox.
Phlox divaricata is also known as Woodland Phlox, Wild Blue Phlox, and Wild Sweet William.   This collection of plants is one of my favorite spring flowers.  In the wild you can often found along streams and in open woods.  Phlox divaricata grows in clumps up to about a foot tall
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.  The flowers range in a variety of colors from pinks to purples and even blue. An added bonus of this plant is that it atttracts butterfiles and even hummingbirds.  Phlox divaricata prefers moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil and high open shade.  In dry years it might go dormant but will come back the following spring.  Use it to naturalize and area as it spreads over time.
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