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Identifying Clearweed.

Clearweed is a common woodland plant that occurs in many parts of the country from the midwest to the northeast. It can be a nuisance in the garden as it can take over and grow in large clumps. It can be found in poorly drained areas of upland forests, floodplain forests, crevices in rocky canyon

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s, and shady or partially shaded wetland areas, including seeps, borders of small streams.  You can find this weed in large colonies as it reseeds itself very easily.  The caterpillars of the following butterflies feed on the foliage: Nymphalis milberti (Milbert's Tortoiseshell), Polygonia comma (Comma), Polygonia interrogationis (Question Mark), and Vanessa atalanta (Red Admiral). These caterpillars feed on other members of the Nettle family as well.

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