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Late April Chores

As we head towards the end of April there is no shortage of chores in the garden.  Here is my list for the second half of the Month.

1. Edge the beds.  Use a good sharp edger.  Be sure to leave a nice gap between lawn and the bed, this will help keep the grass from creeping

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into the beds.

2. Use brick or river stone to make a more formal edge.  You can dig out an area and lay almost anything to create an edge.  Some areas I have brick, others stone.  I am not a huge fan of the plastic edging.

3.  Watch and spray for winter moth.  These pesky critters are now begining to feast and will do so for the next 5-7 weeks.

4. Get some early flowering shrubs and perennial for those areas which lack early color.

5. Feed the plants inside your pond.  If you have a water feature they make tablets for you to feed your plants.

6. Move hardier plants outside from indoors but remember to bring them in if we get another frost.

7. Sod dead areas of the lawn rather than seed.  The sod will take faster and the seed has a tough time germinating if we get a cool wet spell.

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