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Making Your Own Centerpiece
The holidays, parties, weddings, and many other functions all call for centerpieces. How many of you have run around your town looking for just the right centerpiece to finish off the table.
There are wonderful florists in all parts of the country (and the world) who can make you a magnificent centerpiece. While that is one way to dress up a function, making a centerpiece can be incredibly rewarding and save you a bit of money as well. 
I like to find object around the house to hold the centerpiece. The most obvious is a vase or bowl, but all sorts of object work. You can use a toy, a teapot or even a jug. They key is to have material the object for the centerpiece and stick.
You can use floral foam, sand or even soil to hold the greens, flowers, dried fruits or artificial objects. Be sure to pack the object in nice and tight and don’t be afraid to start over if you do not like the way it looks. 
I get most of my greens from around the yard. I find it a great way to prune. If you spray the broadleaf evergreens with WiltPruf ™ they will last much longer.
Watch our video on making centerpieces and see just how easy it is to create your own.
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