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Plants For A Meditation Garden

I recently headed over to a meditation garden at West Woods in Westwood, MA.  The garden was designed by my friend and mentor Gary Koller. 

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Gary has taught me a lot about garden design and has a love of plants that surpasses most of us.

Gary's love of plants can be seen in this garden and the variety is just amazing.   The video that we shot highlights many of these plants.  The great thing about these plants is their versatility and reliability in the garden.   I especially like the plants that stay green deep into winter and/or those that provide winter interest even though they may turn brown.

A meditative garden like this relies on simplicity and clean lines to give it that special quiet feeling.  There are no real rules to designing such a space in your own yard.  Do what makes you feel relaxed. 

Plants used in this segment are as follows:

Sedum Spectabile or showy Sedum

Geranium Brookside

Sedge or Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance'

Boxwood or Buxus 'Tide Hill'

Hakon Grass

Christmas Fern or Polystichum arostichoides

Barren Strawberry or Wadsteinia


Mint or calamintha nepetoides



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