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Preventing Snow and Ice Damage To Landscaping
Cold weather and snow can do a considerable amount of damage to plants. However, there are ways to mitigate the damage. Here are three ways to protect plants from cold and/or snow.
The first is to make a tent out of material that can allow the snow to fall around the plant. You can use a mesh for example that is stretched tightly so that snow and ice will fall off the plant. Be sure that the material is sturdy enough to hold the snow and the tent is at a sharp angle otherwise snow and ice will collect on the tent and could break it. Also, be sure the material is breathable or water and air will not flow through and this can damage the shrubs.
I use Styrofoam containers to cover plants that need to be protected from the cold. These containers are great at allowing me to have a few plants 2 full zones colder than I should have here. Be sure to secure the container with a rock or brick so that it does not blow away. You can also push stakes into the ground to secure it at the bottom.
Finally, you can use burlap. However, you must take care not to overwrap the plants or use it too tightly. Doing so can cause the plants to overheat and burn. Burlap also makes a good wind screen by making a wall of burlap and placing it in front of the plants. This will block and slow the wind.
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