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Preventing Winterburn On Broadleaf Evergreens.

Broadleaf evergreens such as hollies and rhododendrons loose moisture all year.  Using an anti-desiccant product such at Wilt-Pruf can help protect these types of plants.

Spraying an anti-desiccant is one method of prevention.  If you choose use this type of product spray

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in the mid-morning when temperatures are above freezing, preferably around 40 degrees F.   Do not spray in the sun or during a windy day.  Spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves until the product begins to drip off.

The plants that need this most are broadleaf evergreens such as rhododendron, azalea, andromeda, holly, etc. As the ground freezes,  plants are unable to wick up water, as a result leaves begin to give off stored moisture from their upper and lower stomata, under the winds of winter. Snow cover does help but I still apply the product to new and tender plants. Young trees with thin bark, rose canes and hydrangea stems will also benefit from this preventative measure.

I always make 2 sprayings.  One in fall and one in mid-late winter.  I find the second spraying acts as an insurance policy.

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