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Proper Stretching For Gardeners

If you do any sort of yard work from raking leaves to moving rocks to planting trees you know that it is easy to injure certain parts of your body.  Stretching before, during and after your yard work will lessen the chances this will happen.... Read More


There are a few parts of the body that are most susceptible to injury.  Hands, back and hamstrings can easily be pulled during heavy gardening. It is important to stretch the hamstrings by elevating the leg and leaning forward until you feel a slight pull.


Make sure to hold each stretch for 30 seconds and perform each stretch twice per leg.

You should stretch before and after you perform any gardening activity.

The hamstring stretch will be felt on the back of the thigh.  Hamstring stretching is most important to prevent back pain.

The Quad stretch will be felt on the front of the thigh.  Quad stretching is most important to prevent knee pain.

The wrist stretches will be felt on the top of the wrist and along the thumb.  They are most important to prevent hand and elbow injuries. 


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