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Shallots From A Bucket

I love to grow shallots. The problem is, the soil in certain parts of my garden is not so great. Also, I don't want to devote a lot of space in the main garden to shallots. They take a lon

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g time to grow and use a lot of room.  

So I grow them in buckets. Yes, buckets. It's really easy to get root veggies from a container. Just find a container with at least 18" of depth and get some container soil. Container soil is usually lightweight, which is perfect for shallots and other root vegetables.

I add a bit of time-release fertilizer and then plant according to the instructions. You can even plant a few weeks apart to extend your harvest. Be sure to keep the soil moist -- never wet -- and cut a hole in the container to allow the water to drain.

I place a piece of stone on the hole to prevent the soil from washing through. 

In a few months, you'll have large, wonderful shallots. Enjoy.

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