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Soil Testing: An Invaluable Step In Gardening
Testing your soil is one of the most valuable things you can
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do in order to have a successful garden.    I can not stress enough how important this is to have done. As gardeners we often think we know what is going on with our soil, so we add some compost, or some peat or some phosphate in the hopes that what we are adding will be beneficial to our plants. However, do you really know what is going on?    In order to get a clear picture of the soil have it tested. 
Here are some links to help you or you can buy a kit yourself. http://www.agr.state.nc.us/cyber/kidswrld/plant/soiltest.htm   This link explains further why soil test. It’s so valuable to have your soil tested so that you do not waste valuable time and money adding things to your gardens that you do not need.
I suggest taking soil samples from several different places around your home and be sure to follow the directions as given by the extension services.
You can also buy a kit and do the testing yourself however the accuracy might not be as good. There are also private companies that will do the testing for you. You will however pay a premium for that type of service.
In Massachusettes, its under $10.00 to have your soil tested.
http://www.umass.edu/plsoils/soiltest/ For Massachusetts Soil Testing
http://www.uvm.edu/pss/ag_testing/   For Vermont Soil Testing
http://anlab.umesci.maine.edu/ For Maine Soil Testing
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