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Tips On Picking Plants In The Nursery

You might think there's not much to buying plants for your yard. However, this is not the case. Garden centers are like candy stores for adults. We see things that look good and we want to have them.

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n style="">Many times we get home with a great plant and then try to find a spot for that plant. This can, and often does, result in a disorganized look to the garden. Before you buy that wonderful variegated hosta or that brilliant yellow sedum, think about where it will go in the yard.

I always suggest having a master plan for your yard, and then, as you buy plants, you'll know where they're going. This year, I lost about 10 significant plants of the hundreds in the garden. This is an opportunity to try new varieties and experiment with different colors and textures.

Today I got a wonderful sedum called ‘Angelina’. This sedum is bright yellow, but I knew before I got home that it was going to replace a prickly pear cactus that died last year. Don’t make the mistake of buying plants just because they look great. Have a plan. Your yard will look much better in the long run.

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