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Growing A Dwarf Ginko Tree
If you are looking for a small Ginko Tree but don’t have a lot of room, perhaps ‘Jade Butterfly’ variety is a good choice for you. 'Jade Butterfly' is a dwarf, vase-shaped ginkgo with clumps of dark green leaves that look similar to a butterfly's wings.  The tree will grow slo
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wly and resemble a shrub more than a tree over time. After a ten-year period this selection is likely to be approximately four to five feet tall with a comparable width. It is considered slow growing and its mature height is less than half of that of the standard. This is an introduction out of New Zealand and hardy to zone 4.  Ginko like full sun and well drained soil.  They are not as susceptible to insects and disease as other trees so they make a good choice in the landscape.
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