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Attracting and feeding hummingbirds
Hummingbirds are easily attracted to your garden with a special feeder and nectar you can make from just sugar and water.  There are also plants like bee balm and cardinal flower which attract hummingbirds on their own.  See the list below.
Common Name     Latin Name<
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Beard tongue     Penstemon
Bee balm     Monarda
Butterfly bush     Buddleia
Catmint     Nepeta
Clove pink     Dianthus
Columbine     Aquilegia
Coral bells     Heuchera
Daylily     Hemerocallis
Larkspur     Delphinium
Desert candle     Yucca
Flag             Iris
Flowering tobacco     Nicotiana alata
Foxglove     Digitalis
Lily             Lilium
Lupine             Lupinus
Petunia     Petunia
Pincushion flower     Scabiosa
Red-hot poker     Kniphofia
Scarlet sage     Salvia splendens
Scarlet trumpet honeysuckle     Lonicera sempervirens
Soapwort     Saponaria
Summer phlox     Phlox paniculata
Verbena     Verbena
Weigela     Weigela

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