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Using Ornamental Rhubarb in Your Garden and More
Welcome to mid-July. It’s a great time of year. When the weather is cool, like in the morning, that's the best time to work in the garden.
Here are some tips for th
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is week.
  1. Water early in the morning, if showers and thunderstorms don't hit your area.
  2. Check soil moisture with a water meter.
  3. Remove any diseased or dead branches from trees, shrubs, and perennials.
  4. Turn over your mulch to give it a fresh look. Mulch fades. Using a rake or spade fork to turn it is an easy way to spruce up the yard.
  5. Deadhead daylilies as they die off. Cut the stalk that contained the flowers back to the base of the plant. Some varieties will actually rebloom.
  6. Pick vegetables early in the morning. The sugars are highest at that time, so your produce will taste best.
  7. Don't fertilize any plants, including lawns that are under stress.
  8. Find a big-leafed plant like ornamental rhubarb to fill in blank spots in the garden.
  9. Throw a garden party so you can show off all your hard work!
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