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Water, Water Everywhere!

So its wet, really wet.  Some of you have had 4, 5, even 6 inches of rain and the sun feels like it's never going to come back out.

While waiting for the weekend, make a list of things you want to get done.  Here is mine for the week.

1. Grind up leaves to use as mulch.&

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nbsp; Its better and less $$$ than pine bark.  Put the leaves around the perennial beds.

2. Clean out pond.  Drain water, get leaves and gunk out, hose off and fill with fresh water.  Be sure to add some good bacteria and also something to take the chlorine out of the water.

3. Buy some bags of soil for the containers.

4. Get pansies to plant over the weekend.

5. Empty snow blower of gas by letting it run.

6. Buy a new blade for pruning shears.

7. Untie plants that have been tied up for the winter.

8. Feed small trees and shrubs.

9. Finishing pruning dead wood off plants and perennials.

10. Weed gardens while soil is moist.

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