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What To Do In May: Week 3

As May presses on, it's important to continue to stay on top of things in the yard.

1. It's most likely okay to put out your summer plants now. We should be done with f

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rost. If a frost does occur, you can use a sheet to cover up the plants.

2. Mow the lawn to 2"-3" high each week. Cutting the lawn too short promotes disease and water loss.

3. If you water your plants, do it early in the morning.

4. It's better to water the lawn less frequently, but longer. Put out a tuna can and fill it halfway twice a week with water.

5. Check for the lily beetle on your lilies. Pick them off as soon as you see them. Use an organic product like neem oil every 7 days.

6. Watch your plants for winter moth damage. Use BTK or Spinosad products to control the caterpillars.

7. Put out a hummingbird feeder. I've already had a couple of birds at my window.


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